Brestrogen – how to have firmer breasts

Brestrogen – how to have firmer breastsVery few women are happy with their breasts. If you’re one of them we present some ways that you can care for your breasts.
1. Wear the right bra: More than 70 -% of women wear the wrong bra.
This not only leads to health problems, including problems and posture, skin irritation and breathing difficulties, and serious problems with the structure of the breasts, which can lead to breast pain.
2. Arrange your perfect cleavage: If you want to wear a low-cut blouse but you’re not happy with your breast size, a little make-up can help you.
To give the impression of larger breasts apply a little bronzer between breasts. Take care over the entire surface to create the illusion of shadows. To finally apply a light powder over your breasts and collarbone.
3. Give yourself a natural facelift: You can get some firmer breasts with the help of a moisturizer. Unlike the other creams, it will work and will improve skin elasticity and tone your area.
4. Exercises: Researchers have shown that if you practice more than 4 hours of sport every day can reduce the risk of cancer and increase life expectancy. Exercise will help the pectoral firmness and improve their shape.
5. Eat healthy: Several studies have shown that certain foods can decrease the risk of developing breast cancer. Citrus fruits, carrots, flaxseed may prevent premature aging of the breast.
6. Improve your posture: It makes you instantly more appealing. Breast muscles can lose flexibility when your shoulders are down. Also, if you go right, your breasts will appear larger.
If you have back problems, try some exercises from yoga and pilates.
7. Uses a bra for exercise: During training, the breasts tend to move in the rhythm of the body. Exercise without the proper equipment can lead to discomfort and pain, and can cause problems with the ligaments.
8. Fator Use sunscreen with UV protection: Although doctors are pretty serious warnings regarding the risk of skin cancer, some of us still do not take into account their advice.
For its prevention and a cleavage discouraging use a cream with a minimum SPF 15 every time the skin is exposed to sunlight.
9. Annual Take control: Only 355 of the women do regular checks. Women are advised to make their monthly checks to avoid any complications.
10. Quit smoking: It is one of the most harmful habits and premature skin aging due to it.

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