Proactol – how to lose bad cholesterol

Cardiovascular diseases and their complications continue to be the main health problem of all of us. In order not to suffer and also to fight them, doctors urge you to adopt a food style based on vegetables, fruits and fish. Movement, which can mean just climbing some stairs or gardening, should complement efforts.

Proactol – how to lose bad cholesterolAgainst “bad” cholesterol, one that affects millions of people, usually doctors recommend medication which, besides the fact that it is very expensive for the pockets affected by the crisis, there is always the expected results and, like any drug synthesis effects side of the most unpleasant and unexpected.

1. Carbohydrates produce increases in levels of LDL-cholesterol (“bad cholesterol”).

For a salad to be healthy, replaces croutons and walnuts, which have a high content in polyunsaturated fats (“good fats”), which lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol.

2. Drink red wine instead of cocktails!

Studies show that a moderate intake of alcohol may cause a slight increase in HDL-cholesterol (“good cholesterol”). But, alcoholic beverages or bad alcohol mixed with fruit juices that contain carbohydrates are not healthy.

For example, red wine contains 10% carbohydrates a margarita. Also, red wine contains antioxidants, flavonoids that lower LDL cholesterol and boosts HDL cholesterol. The limit is two glasses of wine per day for men and one drink for women.

3. Replace snacks and cheese with nuts and soy (bean cooked, baked or tofu).

4. Replace salad dressing ready to trade with lemon juice and balsamic vinegar.

5. Removes butter, oil fried pork skins of poultry meat, oily fish in the diet.

6. Replace the beef with turkey because turkey contains half the saturated fat of beef and this was similar.

7. Cub is good, but the scallops and fish are even better! Fish contains omega3 fatty “heart healthy.”

8. Replace chips with popcorn (popcorn)! The latter have more than 80% less saturated fat and more fiber than 2 times potato chips or corn.

9. Replace regular yogurt or cream yogurt 0% fat natural yoghurt. Just proceed with cottage cheese or sour cream.

10. Foods prohibited

Among the forbidden foods are:

Fatty meats, sausages, offal, preserves, eggs (whites only allowed not more than 1-2 yolks / week), pasta with eggs, dry beans, dry peas. Animal fats (butter, sour cream, cream, lard, lard).

Sweets prohibited: all egg dishes, ice cream, butter, cream, fruit cakes, chocolate and generally concentrated sweets.

Are allowed (but not in large quantities) sweets prepared from egg white (foams, meringues), fruit tarts, fruit jellies, rice with skim milk. The fruits are allowed except: figs, dates, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, plums, bananas

Well, on these tips you can add without problems Proactol, a remedy that lowers cholesterol but according also helps the body to lose a few pounds. With Proactol, you can have the body of your dreams, but also a perfect health. No bloating, no gas, no extra pounds.